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In The News

Dr. Furman Discusses Back Health on GoodDay PA

In The News

Dr. Furman Discusses Back Health on GoodDay PA

Our local Harrisburg news station ABC 27 hosted Dr. Furman this week in their midday GoodDay PA segment. Dr. Furman used this time to discuss overall back health and how viewers can prevent problems with a few lifestyle changes.

Preventing Back Pain Easily

Back pain is a common problem that an incredible amount of American’s experience daily. For Dr. Furman this pain goes much deeper than just “throwing out your back” or “sleeping wrong.” It’s rooted to your overall physical health. Nutrition is one of the stepping stones to helping your body get in top condition. Eating a balanced diet is just as important as stretching before exercise. Your lifestyle plays a key role in musculoskeletal care.

Many people have desk jobs that keep them from moving. Because of this it’s easy to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Furman discussed how lack of movement is one of the worst things you can do for your back. Many of the problems associated with back issues can simply stem from not using it properly or stopping activity.

As Sir Issac Newton said, “an object in motion stays in motion.” The same is true for your back! In order for patients to get better and fix their pain, they should learn the proper way to exercise or do their favorite activities. Oftentimes Dr. Furman finds that patients have stopped attending fitness classes, running, or other activities because they are suffering from back pain. Most of the time through practice and knowledge, the patient can get back to these with modifications.

Non-Operative Options for Back Pain

One of the first things Dr. Furman suggests for those suffering from back pain is to get a physical examination by a physician. This will allow them to assess the situation and ensure the pain is not being brought on by something more severe. Then Dr. Furman suggests physical therapy for instruction. At OSS Health we do not want to keep people in physical therapy, we merely want to teach them the skills they need to practice at home.

If physical therapy and a proper healthy lifestyle are not working, then Dr. Furman suggests moving into appropriate medication or image-guided injections. Image-guided injections use x-ray or ultrasound to target necessary areas for injection. Dr. Furman has quite literally written the book on these procedures. These solutions are just part of a larger picture to help the patient become more active.

The First Step.

From diagnosis and treatment to recovery and rehabilitation, OSS Health was founded on the beliefs that we can build a better healthcare experience. The goal of our highly trained physicians and staff is to get our patients back to an active, healthy lifestyle. 


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