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OSS Hospital Receives 5 Star Rating from CMS

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is a government organization who is responsible for the coverage of millions Americans. They also rate medical groups and hospitals to ensure the best quality for patients across the United States. The OSS Orthopaedic Hospital received a 5 star rating – we are 1 of 102 hospitals in the U.S. to receive this rating, and only 1 of 4 in all of Pennsylvania!

Hospital Rating System

Quality and patient safety are our highest priorities, and it pays off for you as a patient which is extremely important to us.  You can read more about our quality, awards and recognition on our quality scorecard page.  

The rating system is based mainly on quality of care.  OSS Hospital scored a 5 star rating on the following areas translating to a 5 Star rating overall:

  • Survey of Patient Experience – results based on a national survey that asks patients about their experiences during their recent hospital stay
  • Timely and Effective Care – these measures show how often hospitals provide care that research shows gets the best results for patients with certain conditions 
  • Complications – how often patients may experience problems soon after they are discharged and need to be admitted to the hospital again  
  • Readmissions – how often patients who have had a recent hospital stay need to go back into a hospital again for unplanned care within 30 days of leaving the hospital
  • Use of Medical Imaging – measures taken to protect patients’ safety, like keeping patients’ exposure to radiation and other risks as low as possible
  • Payment and Value of Care – overall value achieved by adding up all payments made for care starting the day the patient enters the hospital and continuing for the next 30 days 

Most of the factors are incidental negative results of care, so the lower the number, the better. We are proud to be well above the national average in hospital care, earning us a 5 star rating, as seen on Medicare’s website. Thank you for choosing OSS Health for your orthopaedic care.  

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