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Hip Treatment

Suffering from hip pain? Let us help. OSS Health is certified by the Joint Commission specifically for hip replacement surgery.

Don’t let hip pain limit your ability to do the activities you enjoy! With the medical technology available today, it is no longer necessary to endure the pain and live with the limitation of activities caused by deteriorating hip joints.

By closely evaluating each patient, OSS Health surgeons can prescribe the right treatment protocol, from physical therapy and injections to arthroscopic surgery or other interventions. We use a team approach, with the surgeon, physician assistant and physical therapist working together to relieve pain, restore range of motion, and improve muscle strength and mobility.

Hip Replacement

When joint replacement is the best option for a patient, OSS Health board-certified and fellowship-trained hip surgeons utilize the latest and most advanced surgical technologies, such as the anterior hip approach, to help patients return to an active lifestyle quickly and safely.

Our award-winning orthopaedic hospital offers compassionate, specialized care, with technology-forward operating suites and natural light filled patient rooms.  We also perform joint replacement surgery at York Hospital, Memorial Hospital and Holy Spirit Hospital for those choosing another facility, as well as for higher risk patients with other potentially complicating medical conditions.

No matter where the procedure is performed, our gifted surgeons provide the same superior orthopaedic care that has attracted national awards, certifications and accolades. 

Treatment Options for Hip Pain

  • Total Hip Replacement. Recommended for patients who have severe cartilage damage on their femur (leg bone) and acetabulum (socket).
  • Partial Hip Replacement. Partial hip replacements are most commonly performed on patients who have experienced a hip fracture. 

For more information or to request an appointment with one of our Hip Specialists

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For more information, call (717) 848-4800. We have offices in York, Gettysburg, Hanover, Mechanicsburg, PA and an orthopedic hospital in Spry, PA just south of York. 

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