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OSS Health’s Free Market Medicine on WGAL

In The News

OSS Health’s Free Market Medicine on WGAL

Susan Shapiro Discusses OSS Health’s Pricing

Susquehanna Valley’s news station, WGAL 8, discusses how OSS Health’s cash pricing options helped a wife and husband avoid high payments when their insurance costs doubled.

Rising Insurance Costs

Similar to most people in the US, the Sullivans were struggling with rising insurance costs. Their monthly payment increased to over $2,000, and they reached a point where they simply couldn’t afford to have insurance. What initially upset Carol Sullivan led her to find other options of how to get around not having health insurance.

Transparent Pricing

Carol found that most healthcare providers will work with you if you tell them you don’t have insurance. There are also cash only programs which are often cheaper than what your insurance provider is billed, resulting in less out of pocket.

When Carol went to her orthopaedic practice, OSS Health, she was informed that they offered pricing for those paying cash for their services. Pricing for all procedures, visits, and physical therapy sessions are directly on the website. Everything from an office visit to a hip replacement. This is part of free market medicine and transparent pricing initiative OSS Health has been working towards. Knowing the price of a procedure and ultimately drive down healthcare costs.

In Carol’s case this is exactly what happened. When she went to OSS Health, she needed an MRI. On the website, an MRI is listed for $550, and that is exactly what she paid. Anywhere else, the same MRI with insurance would’ve cost her $1100 and insurance would have barely covering the cost due to different contract obligations.

How Transparent Pricing Can Help Other Patients

With transparent pricing available at OSS Health, this can help present and future patients. Before patients even step foot in the door, they can see how much their office visit will cost. From there, patients can look at the cost for any test or procedure the doctor recommends.  Once the cost for each piece is figured out, patients can look through their insurance to see how much they will cover for any visit or procedure. In some instances, it’s cheaper to pay these costs out of pocket than submitting them to your insurance provider.

As for the Sullivans, they continue to put money in a Health Savings Account for emergencies, and are taking full advantage of cash only pricing, and OSS Health’s transparent pricing.

The First Step.

From diagnosis and treatment to recovery and rehabilitation, OSS Health was founded on the beliefs that we can build a better healthcare experience. The goal of our highly trained physicians and staff is to get our patients back to an active, healthy lifestyle. 


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