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Medical Records & Information Security

Medical Records 

If you need a copy of your medical records, please contact the HIM Department at 717-848-4800, extension 6800.  After calling, you may also download the Release of Information Authorization Form and mail it to the address below.  Click here for the Spanish version.

OSS Health
Medical Record Department
1855 Powder Mill Road
York, PA 17402

Information Security

The OSS Health website has been created to provide quality healthcare information and to explain our commitment to your privacy.  Most areas within our website do not require any personal information. However, if an e-mail is sent to us, or a job application is submitted, then we will have your name and an e-mail address.  OSS Health will not share or sell any personally identifiable information we receive to any company, organization, or person outside of our organization. Please do not submit specific questions concerning medical or health conditions via electronic communication. We recommend that you contact a health professional directly with these questions.

Update Your Health Information

OSS Health strives to maintain the most updated and accurate information about our patients to ensure the confidentiality of health information.  Please remember to update your health information when it has changed since your last visit.  This will ensure that we have the most current information needed to protect your privacy and promote proper communication with your other healthcare providers and insurance companies.  The following information should be updated every time you visit:

  • Primary Care Provider
  • Your HIPAA designee
  • Legal Guardian/primary care giver
  • Name/Marital status
  • Insurance provider 

 If you have questions concerning your health information or you would like to update any of the items listed above, please contact the Medical Records Department at 717-848-4800, extension 6800.  You can also do this through the OSS Health Patient Portal.     

Click here for more information on the release of your health information.

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