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Diagnostic Testing & Imaging Studies Pricing

Pricing Disclaimer: If you are filing an insurance claim for any of the services below, the prices listed below do not apply to you.

Full payment must be received prior to or at the time of service. Accepted forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Money order

Pricing includes physician interpretation fees and technical imaging fees



General x-ray, per body part$65



MRA, angiography$550
Brain without contrast$550
Brain with and without contrast$900
Spine without contrast$550
Spine with and without contrast$900
Pelvis without contrast$550
Pelvis with and without contrast$900
Arm or forearm without contrast$550
Arm or forearm with and without contrast$900
Shoulder, elbow or wrist without contrast$550
Shoulder, elbow or wrist with contrast$850
Shoulder, elbow or wrist with and without contrast$900
Thigh or calf without contrast$550
Thigh or calf with contrast$850
Thigh or calf with and without contrast$900
Hip, knee or ankle without contrast$550
Hip, knee or ankle with contrast$850
Hip, knee or ankle with and without contrast$900
Orbit, face and neck with and without contrast$900
Chest without contrast$550
Chest with and without contrast$900
Cervical spine with contrast$300
Lumbar spine with contrast$300
Abdomen with and without contrast$900

CT Scan


CTA, angiography$500
Spine without contrast$300
Spine with contrast$500
Brain without contrast$300
Brain with and without contrast$500
Eyes, ears, face or sinuses, without contrast$300
Eyes, ears, face with contrast$500
Soft tissues of neck without contrast$300
Soft tissues of neck with contrast$500
Chest without contrast$300
Chest with contrast$500
Abdomen and pelvis without contrast$450
Abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast$650
Upper extremity joint or arm without contrast$300
Upper extremity joint or arm with contrast$500
Lower extremity joint or leg, without contrast$300
Lower extremity joint or leg, with contrast$500
DEXA Scan$120
Pelvis without contrast$300
Pelvis with contrast$500
CT Angiography$500
Lower extremity with and without contrast$650
Abdomen without contrast$300
Abdomen with contrast$500
Abdomen with and without contrast$650
Abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast$650



Bilateral arm or leg veins$300
One side arm or leg veins$200
Abdomen complete$300
Abdomen limited$275
Carotid duplex scan$300
Head and neck$275
Retroperitoneal complete (kidney & bladder)$300
Retriperitoneal limited (single organ)$275
Soft tissue mass or foreign body$150
Pelvis limited $275
Extremity nonvascular complete$300


Whole Body Composition 
Whole Body Composition (Initial visit)$150
Whole Body Composition (Return visit)$100


Accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC)

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