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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services


To reach your maximum recovery following an orthopaedic injury or surgery, physical therapy is often required.  OSS Health offers comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services at the OSS Health Powder Mill campus, the OSS Health West York office and the OSS Health Hanover office to meet your specific recovery needs.

The OSS Health therapy team utilizes a team approach that includes the physician, physical therapist, physical therapist assistant and exercise technician to provide you with your own unique therapy program. Whether the goal is to improve movement, increase strength and endurance, reduce pain, or be better educated in managing a difficult condition, the staff has the expertise necessary to help you reach your specific goals.

OSS Health Rehabilitation offers specialized services for spine, joint, sports medicine, upper extremity, and hand problems, as well as general orthopaedic conditions. Each of our therapists has completed an extensive course of study to enable them to evaluate specific problems and design individualized treatment programs to aid in recovery. In addition to traditional therapy, we also offer work conditioning, called WorkLink, to safely return injured workers back to their jobs.

Mckenzie Method

For back and neck pain, our physical therapists are trained to use the McKenzie Method, which uniquely emphasizes patient education and gets you actively involved in the management of your treatment. The goal is to quickly decrease pain and restore function and independence, minimizing the number of visits to the clinic. OSS Health has been chosen as the host site in south central Pennsylvania for the McKenzie Study Group.

Aquatic Program

Our aquatic program is very popular among patients. Pool therapy has proven to be an effective for those who need non weight-bearing exercises. We can accommodate anyone from the very acute patient to the competitive swimmer. Range of motion exercises can be performed soon after surgery with an aquatic program to increase mobility. This service is available at the Powder Mill Road campus in York.

Conditioning+ Program

Our Conditioning Plus Program is the next step in an ongoing exercise program designed by OSS Health physical therapists. The existing exercise program is continued without interruption following the completion of scheduled physical therapy sessions. The Conditioning Plus Program is staffed by our team of certified personal trainers.

Disclaimer: If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911 or report to your nearest emergency room.

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