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Shoulder Osteoarthritis

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What is Shoulder Arthritis? 

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that causes inflammation of the bones and soft tissues of the joints which causes pain and loss of movement in the shoulder. As this condition progresses, the cartilage in the shoulder joint becomes more worn and the bones within the shoulder can begin to rub together. This can also increase pain and stiffness as well as cause the formation of bone spurs within the joint. The shoulder is what is known as a “ball and socket” joint and osteoarthritis in the shoulder can cause the ball and socket to grind together and damage the joint. 

While most people have heard of knee and hip arthritis, arthritis within the shoulder is also very common and can cause pain and symptoms similar to the knee and hip arthritis. Shoulder arthritis often affects the older population but can also be the result of a prior shoulder injury or repeated dislocations of the shoulder. 

If you have osteoarthritis of the shoulder the common symptoms can include: 

  • Pain 
  • Swelling after activity 
  • Stiffness when lifting your arm above your head 
  • Tenderness 
  • Decreased range of motion in the shoulder 

Symptoms may range from very mild to severe but treating shoulder arthritis in its early stages can prevent pain and symptoms from getting worse. At OSS Health, our Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons have helped thousands of patients with shoulder arthritis live active and healthy lives using the latest non-surgical and surgical procedures. 

How is Shoulder Osteoarthritis Treated at OSS Health? 

Although the damage from osteoarthritis cannot be reversed, there are many treatment options at OSS Health that can slow down the process as well as relieve the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Shoulder osteoarthritis is usually effectively treated using non-surgical treatment options and the specialists at OSS Health create treatment plans based on your lifestyle and goals. 

These treatment plans may consist of any combination of the following non- surgical treatment options: 

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Activity modification 
  • Injections 

Surgery is only recommended if shoulder arthritis does not respond to non-surgical 

treatment options. The Board Certified Joint Replacement Specialists at OSS Health are experts at performing both Total Shoulder Replacements and Reverse Shoulder Replacements. 

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