Do you have joint pain that is persistent? Do you have inflamed joints ?

Do you have joint pain and close relatives with rheumatoid arthritis, or other inflammatory disorders?

Do you have joint pain along with skin rashes or weakness?

If you answer YES to any of these, OSS Rheumatology Division may help. Our Rheumatologist has a vast experience in the diagnosis and management of arthritis, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases which target your musculoskeletal system.

Your primary care or other medical providers might refer you to a Rheumatologist to help to figure out what is wrong.

The diagnosis that your primary care doctor has in mind may not be what the rheumatologist determines. There are a lot of overlapping diseases and diseases with similar symptoms and your diagnosis may change overtime. Therefore, ongoing visits with the Rheumatologist may be necessary.

Rheumatic diseases are frequently challenging. Our office offers a full service laboratory, diagnostic imaging, DEXA, infusion suite, physical and occupational therapy. Hence, OSS provides our Rheumatologist with all the necessary tools to make a prompt diagnosis and treatment plan. The complex and changeable nature of many rheumatic diseases often require ongoing assessment and evaluation. Based on your treatment plan, our Rheumatologist will coordinate care with the other professionals comprising your healthcare team. Our goal is to reduce pain and to maximize function.

You can request an appointment at the OSS Health York or Hanover Offices.