Corporate Donations

Thank you for considering OSS Health to sponsor your organization’s event or programming opportunity! OSS Health is always looking for ways to support our community. Our Corporate Donations Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review any requests for donations and sponsorships. Because of this schedule, please note that we require 90 days to process any requests. If you are unable to work within our timeframe, please reconsider your submission for next year.


Thank you for your desire to partner with OSS Health!

Why should OSS Health support your organization?

How does your event/programming connect with OSS Health?

Please be specific about what you are requesting.

Are you asking for a specific amount of financial support? Are there several options? Please make sure your request is clear.

What is your deadline?

You might be surprised how many people forget to include this information.

Do you require a logo or a ready-made ad?

We’ll need the ad size and an email address to get it to you.

What benefits will OSS Health receive from our support?

Will there be signs, ads, radio spots, logos on t-shirts, etc.?

Please include a sponsor form.

This is required for our records. Click here to download the sponsorship form to submit with your request.

If we decide to sponsor your event, we will send you a check.

Be sure to tell us to whom we make out the check, where to mail it, and please include your contact information, including email and phone.