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If you have questions concerning your health information or you would like to update any items, please contact the Medical Records Department directly.
717-848-4800 Ext. 6800

Patient Forms

You can request your medical information by completing our Authorization to Release Personal Information Form. Find more information below.

Patient Portal

OSS Health has implemented a Patient Portal to enable you to access your medical information in a secure manner via the internet. Find more information below.

Authorization to Release Personal Information

You can request your medical information by completing our Authorization to Release/Disclouse Protected Health Information Form and returning it to:

OSS Health
Attn: HIM/Medical Records Department
1855 Powder Mill Road
York, PA 17403

We strive to complete all requests for records as soon as possible. Please keep in mind a request for medical records could take up to 30 days to complete. Make sure to complete the entire form. This will ensure we are able to process your request accurately and timely. Failure to return a completed request will cause delays in the processing of your request.

If you are a Provider’s Office and need records for a mutual patient, please call our medical records hotline directly at 717-848-4800 for assistance.

All other requesters are required to provide a signed authorization for release of protected health information with established dates of service.

OSS Health utilizes a third party Release of Information company; MRO Corporation. MRO handles our invoicing and delivery of all requests other than those made by our patients and other medical providers. If you have questions on the status of your request, please contact MRO Corporation at 610-994-7500, option 1.

Request to Amend My Medical Information

At OSS Health, we strive to document correct and accurate medical information for every patient’s visit. If you have noticed incorrect documentation in your medical records, please make us aware.

To change your medical record, you will need to complete the Medical Record Amendment/Correction Form and have your submission reviewed by your health care provider before your record(s) can be corrected. Please fill out the form and return it to:

OSS Health
Attn: HIM/Medical Records Department
1855 Powder Mill Road

Our provider has thirty days to determine if your request to amend your medical record is justifiable. If your provider has determined an amendment is necessary, an amendment will be added to your medical record(s) and be reflected on any future documentation. If your provider disagrees or denies your request, you will be notified in writing, along with an explanation as to why your provider has denied your request to amend your medical record.

Request a Change Here

Update Your Health Information:

OSS Health strives to maintain the most updated and accurate information about our patients to ensure the confidentiality of health information. Please remember to update your health information when it has changed since your last visit. This will ensure that we have the most current information needed to protect your privacy and promote proper communication with your other healthcare providers and insurance companies. The following information should be updated every time you visit:

  • Primary Care Provider
  • Your HIPAA designee
  • Legal Guardian/primary care giver
  • Name/Marital status
  • Insurance provider

If you have questions concerning your health information or you would like to update any of the items listed above, please contact the Medical Records Department at 717-848-4800, extension 6800. You can also do this through the OSS Health Patient Portal.

Access & Update Your Medical Records Online:

OSS Health has implemented a Patient Portal to enable you to access your medical information in a secure manner via the internet.

Current patients can click here to go to the Patient Portal

New Patients:

For new patients, who have not activated your patient portal yet, please request an activation code via email to
After you receive an activation code, click to access our Patient Portal.
As a new user, you will need the following information to activate your portal:

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Date of birth
  3. 3
    Email address
  4. 4
    Login and password

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I access my OSS Health medical records electronically?

A: You can access your medical records electronically by signing up for the patient portal through the link provided on the OSS Health website or here.

Q: I have an upcoming appointment with my primary care physician (PCP). Can I request that the records from my last visit be sent to my primary care physician before my appointment? Do I need to fill out an Authorization form?

A: As part of our commitment to the continuum of care to our patients, OSS Health will automatically send your clinical visit information to your PCP’s office. This is why it is important to update your health information at each visit. If your PCP is requesting a specific test or date of service, you may request that your records be sent to your PCP by contacting the Medical Records Department at OSS Health or having your PCP office contact us.

Q: I have read in OSS Health Notice of Privacy Practices that I, the patient, have the right to revoke some or all of my health information from being shared with entities other than OSS Health. I would like to revoke my health information from my insurance company so that they cannot receive any of my treatment information. Can I do that?

A: You as the patient have the right to request that your information be revoked from entities such as your insurance provider only if you are a self-pay patient, meaning that you are paying OSS Health directly for the services provided. Otherwise, we need to communicate with your insurance provider for preauthorization, services provided and payment.

Q: What are my rights as Power of Attorney?

A: Medical Power of Attorney: you have the right to request and receive protected health information with proper documentation provided to OSS Health that certifies you as Power of Attorney.

Q: How can I request medical records for a minor?

A: The minor patient’s parent or legal guardian must sign the authorization to release protected health information. Proof of guardianship will need to be provided along with certified documentation outlining the nature of your guardianship/custody of the minor.


F: There is a difference between medical power of attorney and registered power of attorney.

F: Power of Attorney will be terminated upon patient pronounced deceased.

HIPAA | Privacy

Patient Rights Every patient admitted to OSS Health has certain rights and responsibilities. These rights are guaranteed and respected by the staff at OSS Health bust must be adhered to by the physicians, families and visitors in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s recommendations on the Patient Bill of Rights. You will receive a copy of these upon admission to OSS Health at which time you will be asked to verify with your electronic signature.

Notice of Privacy Practices OSS Health is required by the federal privacy rule to maintain the privacy of health information that is protected by the rule, and to provide you with notice or our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your protected health information. We are required to abide by the terms of the notice currently in effect. Your protected health information includes:

  • Any information that relates to your past, present or future physical or mental health condition
  • The provision of health care to you
  • Payment for health care provided to you
  • Medical and billing records

You will receive the Notice of Privacy Practices when you arrive at OSS Health.

OSS Health Privacy Officer
Contact Information

Carla Parker
Phone: (717) 848-4800
(717) 718-2035

Mailing address:
OSS Health
Attention: Privacy Officer
1861 Powder Mill Road
York, PA 17402