Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services

OSS Health offers comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services at the Powder Mill, West York, and Hanover locations to meet the demands of your specific orthopaedic and post-operative recovery.

Our therapists utilize a full team approach including the physician, physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, occupational therapist, and exercise technician to provide you with an exercise program tailored to your specific recovery needs. With goals ranging anywhere from improving movement, strength, and endurance, to reducing pain and educating you to prepare you for independence, the staff has the expertise necessary to help you reach your specific goals.

OSS Health Rehabilitation offers specialized services for spine, joint, sports medicine, upper extremity, return to sport, and other specialized orthopedic conditions. So whether you were injured on the job and in need of our return to work program, or at home, our team can help reduce pain and get you back to your everyday lifestyle.

Services we offer include:

Mckenzie Method

A specialty certification for back and neck pain, our physical therapists are trained to use the McKenzie Method, which uniquely emphasizes patient education and gets you actively involved in the management of your treatment. The goal is to quickly decrease pain and restore function and independence, minimizing the number of visits you need to the clinic.

Hand Therapy

The therapy department is proud to offer hand therapy specialized services at all of our locations. The use of the hand is a daily, intricate part of everyone’s life, and having therapists that can specifically assist in recovering the use of these life tools is an imperative part of our team.

Conditioning Program

Our Conditioning Program is the next step in an ongoing exercise program designed by OSS Health physical therapists. The existing exercise program is continued without interruption following the completion of scheduled physical therapy sessions to assist patients in transitioning and integrating exercise into their daily and weekly routines.