Pricing Made Simple

In accordance with federal regulations, OSS Hospital provides public-access to our pricing information via the following methods.

  1. Self-Pay/Bundled pricing for patients who do not have health insurance and patients who do not wish to utilize their health insurance.
  2. An internet-based price estimator tool that allows healthcare consumers to obtain an estimate of the amount they will be obligated to pay OSS Hospital for over 300 different shoppable services.
  3. A downloadable machine-readable file that reflects the standard charges for all individual and packaged items and services provided by OSS Hospital.

Access to either of these pricing tools is as simple as clicking on either button below.

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Self Pay/Bundled Pricing

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Self Pay/Bundled Pricing

OSS Hospital also offers bundled pricing for a select number of surgical procedures, specialty provider office visits, and non-surgical services. Bundled pricing may offer savings opportunities over our standard self-pay pricing for persons who have healthcare provided by a self-insured entity, persons with high-deductible health plans, persons participating in shared-ministries, and persons who are uninsured. These prices are non-negotiable and are available to those who can pay the entire amount in advance. We can offer these prices due to the lack of administrative expenses related to obtaining pre-service approvals with insurance carriers, filing insurance claims, and delayed or denied insurance payments. Please note: if you are filing an insurance claim for any of the listed services, these bundled prices do not apply to you.

* View our disclaimer regarding self-pay bundled pricing.

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