Fellows Testimonials

Testimonials from Past Fellows

“If you are looking for a comprehensive interventional spine program with the added benefit of musculoskeletal medicine/EMG and sports medicine, than look no further than this fellowship. It is truly an amazing experience that has features of an academic training institute in a private practice setting. My time at OSS prepared me to enter a busy interventional practice with virtually no transition time. It is a great feeling to start as an attending, being overwhelmed with getting to know new staff/electronic records/etc., and to walk into the injection suite and feel totally at ease. Dr. Furman cares about his fellows and stays in contact with them even after graduation to see how they are doing in their professional and personal lives. He is an incredible mentor and holds himself and his fellows to very high standards. Dr. Gilhool is an instructor that adds to the potency of this fellowship and helps to add a sports/urgent care element to training. Drs. Klein and Grolman added an anesthesia perspective to pain care which makes this fellowship multidimensional. Lastly, but certainly not least, the staff at OSS is top notch and make the experience truly enjoyable. I recommend this fellowship highly to any candidate that is looking for a challenging but rewarding interventional spine and sports fellowship.”

Sean Butler, D.O.
Interventional Spine, Electrodiagnostic, and Sports Medicine
Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists

“Dr. Furman’s fellowship program offers cutting edge education in Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine. The one year training has had a significant impact on my career since I graduated. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn the interventional skill from the mentors including both Physiatrists (Dr. Furman and Dr. Gilhool) and Anesthesiologists (Dr. Klein and Dr. Grolman). After training with high volume cases in fellowship, I could start almost any interventional spine procedure right away in my new job. It was a great experience to work with spine and orthopaedic surgeons who had really expanded my knowledge in PM&R and Sports Medicine. I am grateful that I could still get support from my mentors after graduation for any technical, legal, business management, or personal questions.”

Mike Yuan, M.D.
American Spine, Maryland

“The training I received with Dr. Furman and his staff at OSS Health was, to put it plainly, the best of my career at any level. I do not believe that there is a better fellowship program in the country. The mix of an outpatient practice coupled with an academic focus really allows you to grow as a physician and prepares you for any work setting. You will get as many interventional procedures as you could want along with U.S. training and sports coverage. Billing is emphasized as is practice management which is a huge advantage compared to other programs. There is a real family atmosphere within the fellowship and I am still in touch with Dr. Furman and past fellows to this day. I became the physician that I am today because of Dr. Furman’s fellowship and I will be eternally grateful to him and his staff for the unique opportunity to be part of it.”

Justin Petrolla, M.D.

“Mike Furman’s fellowship changed how I practiced PM&R and established a strong foundation for my Spinal Medicine practice today. Mike Furman and Ernie Johnson are my most memorable and influential mentors. I will always be a disciple of their teachings.”

Michael Giovanniello, M.D.
The SMART Clinic
Salt Lake City, UT

“With the training and preparation in my fellowship, I was able to start a pain management division in a large, established orthopedic practice. I understood exactly how I wanted the pain division to develop, and with my experience at OSS, was able to implement my practice’s parameters. Within 5 years I hired a second pain doctor and sit on the Executive Committee with three other partners in a 20 man Orthopedic Group. This would not have been possible without my OSS Fellowship under Mike.”

Luke Rigolosi, M.D.
Northeast Orthopedics
Albany, NY

“Mix together a top-notch academic experience with an efficiently run private practice to be modeled after, and stir in the leadership of one of the best in the field in Dr. Furman, and you may just begin to appreciate what a great training program this is. The pain medicine fellowship training I received at OSS under the leadership of Dr. Furman and his fellow colleagues, Drs. Gilhool, Klein and Grolman, has prepared me to be among the top pain physicians in the city in which I now practice. During my time there I learned not only how to confidently perform a myriad of interventional spine procedures and to make appropriate treatment decisions, but also the business of private practice. Add in the great staff that made me feel like family, it was an amazing year I will never forget.”

Jason G. Anderson, D.O.
Spinal Diagnostics
Portland, OR

My fellowship year at OSS was one of the best years of my academic training. The skills that I learned definitely prepared me for my practice. There are great hands on experience with a variety of procedures. The attendees and the staff are great to work with and definitely make the year a worthwhile experience. Dr. Furman is a great fellowship director, teacher, and mentor. I would definitely recommend this fellowship to anyone interested in interventional spine and musculoskeletal medicine.”

Tejas Parikh, M.D.
Carolina Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center
Gastonia, North Carolina

“This fellowship prepared me for all aspects seen in a successful private practice. From the clinical perspective of procedures and EMG’s to the business side of billing and referrals, this was an all inclusive learning experience. To top it off, Dr Furman created a relaxed atmosphere that made for an enjoyable year. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Scott Davidoff, M.D.

King of Prussia, PA

The volume of procedures and the attention to detail in assuring your competence if not excellence in bread and butter spinal interventions is a given. For the more ambitious you can learn bread and butter fracture care and gain exposure to ultrasound. For those who ultimately hope to run their own business, being in an environment where considerable time, effort and energy are given to continuous quality improvement, will give you an idea of how a good business runs and also an idea of how much dedication it takes to keep things running smoothly.”

Dan Sipple, M.D.
Pain Clinic of NW Wisconsin
Eau Claire, WI

“From a professional standpoint, the OSS pain medicine fellowship was an unique opportunity for me to achieve my goals as an interventional physiatrist in training. I am grateful for the skills I learned and people I met. I will never forget the year. Thanks to Dr. Furman, Dr. Klein, Dr. Gilhool, and Dr. Grolman for the opportunity.”

Ariz Mehta, M.D.

Pain & Disability Institute, P.C.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of PM&R
New Jersey Medical School & New York Medical College

“Furman and company gave me more than enough opportunity to do spine procedures, electro diagnostics, ultrasound-guided procedures, while providing sports and orthopaedic exposure, research opportunities and the like. Coming out of fellowship, my training was as good as or better than any of my colleagues who had trained at other top tier PM&R Interventional fellowships. What made the fellowship so unique was that Furman was always looking for new and better ways to do EVERYTHING. This meant nothing was ever stagnant. More importantly, it taught me to question everything I did and look at even the most basic of tasks with new eyes. I’m a better practitioner for it. The fellowship is set in a well-run, healthy-sized private practice. I was able to learn many nuances of private practice that are serving me well.”

Kermit Fox, M.D.
Director, Sports Medicine
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
MetroHealth Medical Center
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio

The fellowship provided excellent training in all aspects of evaluating and treating spinal disorders. Office management skills were also provided, which produced a comfortable transition to private practice. The physicians and staff were outstanding professionals and great friends.”

Charles Buttaci, M.D.

“The fellowship is amazing. The hands-on training I received began immediately. Mike Furman teaches a large variety of interventional techniques while maintaining a truly physiatric approach. The fellowship is fun and challenging, yet he is able to create a family atmosphere. He refers to past fellows as our “big brothers” and we keep in touch with each other through our network. We frequently see each other at national meetings and the family atmosphere continues as we get together for dinners and activities. We call on each other for guidance and questions. This is a great way to not feel alone when you are seeing patients on your own. I cannot express how much Dr. Furman and the fellowship have meant to me. He has truly helped mold me into the physician I am today. I think of him daily as I see patients in a very busy practice. When I have a challenging case, I ask myself, “How would Mike Furman have handled this?” If I have a question, he is still available to me to help even though it’s been years since I’ve graduated. I believe that Mike Furman’s fellowship is the perfect atmosphere to learn not only to be exceptional at interventional techniques, but also to be an excellent physician.”

Jeremy Simon, M.D.

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend the year at OSS with Drs. Furman, Gilhool, Grolman and Klein. This is the best PM&R fellowship program in the country. I performed nearly 2000 interventional procedures with the best in the business, enhanced my electrodiagnostic skills, practiced MSK ultrasound, covered local sporting events, and learned how to effectively manage a practice, bill and code for services. This is an extremely efficient physician-owned private practice model and the skills here translate into any practice setting.
Dr. Furman has established a great academic culture and everyone here truly enjoys what they do. There are twice weekly journal clubs and didactics, integrated ortho surgery rounds, and an opportunity to do research and publish. Graduates seek all career paths and I feel very well prepared for my career in Academic medicine. York may be remote for some, but it is 45 min to Baltimore, 90 min to Philly and Washington DC, and 3 hours to NYC. For outdoor enthusiasts there are great opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, fishing, hunting or if you need a break – touring the many local wineries and breweries.”

Jonathan Kirschner, M.D., RMSK
Assistant Attending Physiatrist, Hospital for Special Surgery
Assistant Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine
New York, NY

“Extremely good training by a phenomenal group of doctors. You leave feeling very well prepared with a broad scope of cutting edge interventional pain procedures. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Dr. Jesse Bernstein, M.D.

“I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible fellowship experience at OSS. From the moment I stepped through your doors, I felt welcomed and supported by the entire team.

Throughout my time, I was fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most talented and compassionate physicians in the field. Their expertise and dedication to their craft inspired me to push myself further and strive for excellence in everything I did.

The knowledge and skills that I gained during my fellowship are undoubtedly serving me well in my career as a physician, practice owner, and leader in the field. But what I will remember most about my time with OSS Health is the sense of community and camaraderie that I felt and continue to feel. The friendships and connections that I made will stay with me for a lifetime. The OSS Fellowship has opened more doors than I could have ever imagined."

Vivek Babaria, D.O.
Orange County Spine and Sports, PC
Newport Beach, CA