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Pricing at OSS Health

Self-pay Pricing

The OSS Health self-pay bundled program offers particular savings opportunities for persons who have their healthcare benefit provided by a self-insured entity, persons with high deductibles and co-pays, persons participating in sharing healthcare ministries, and persons who are uninsured.  These prices are not negotiable and are available to only those who pay the entire amount in advance.  We are able to offer these prices due to the lack of expense in processing the claims and the absence of risk for non-payment.  Full payment must be received prior to or at the time of service.  Please note, if you are filing an insurance claim for any of the services below, self-pay pricing does not apply to you.

* View our disclaimer regarding self-pay bundled pricing.


Office & Therapy

Pain Procedures

Imaging Studies

Inpatient Surgery

Outpatient Surgery

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Standard Charges

To be compliant with Medicare and Medicaid requirements and to assist our patients in making informed financial decisions about the services we provide at the OSS Hospital, our standard charges are accessed below.  These charges are our base/undiscounted pricing based on the type of service, procedure or surgery and do not necessarily reflect your financial responsibility.  That is dependent on your insurance coverage type, deductible amount, co-pays or self-pay status.

View more information on OSS Health Standard Charges

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