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Shoulder Arthroscopy

What is Shoulder Arthroscopy? 

Shoulder Arthroscopy is a commonly performed minimally invasive procedure that treats many shoulder injuries. Modern surgical techniques and equipment allow the Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons at OSS Health to perform shoulder surgeries that were once open procedures now through small incisions. 

Small cameras and surgical instruments are placed within the shoulder so that your surgeon can repair damaged tendons or bones through tiny incisions. Procedures are performed on an outpatient basis so that you can return home the same day as your procedure. 

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery treats the following injuries when they are severe in nature and cannot be improved with nonsurgical treatment options: 

  1. Bone spur removal. Osteoarthritis causes bone and cartilage inflammation that leads to the development of painful bone spurs. 
  2. Labrum Tear. The glenoid labrum that holds the shoulder in its socket tears and the shoulder partially or completely dislocates. 
  3. Rotator Cuff Tear. The rotator cuff tendons that stabilize the shoulder and help it move are partially or completely torn. 

How is Shoulder Arthroscopy Performed at OSS Health?

Your specific injury and lifestyle will determine the surgical approach.

Generally, a procedure will be performed as follows: 

  • Tiny incisions are made and an arthroscopic camera is passed through one of them 
  • The surgeon views the shoulder from a nearby television monitor in the operating room  

Once the camera is inserted and the shoulder is viewed, your OSS Health surgeon can repair damaged tendons, remove bone spurs as well as trim cartilage that is causing pain using small instruments that can be passed through the incision. 

Physical Therapy is an important part of recovery after Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery and usually begins in the days following your procedure. 

Disclaimer: If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911 or report to your nearest emergency room.

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