Foot & Ankle Pain Treatments

What is a Bunionectomy?

A Bunionectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure used to treat the painful symptoms of a bunion. The goal of this procedure is to remove the bony deformity in the big toe and realign the toe in the correct anatomical position.

The Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeons at OSS Health are experts in Bunionectomy procedures and have helped thousands of patients return to an active and healthy lifestyle following this procedure:

How is a Bunionectomy Performed at OSS Health?

At OSS Health, Bunionectomy procedures are performed as an outpatient procedure so that you can return home the same day as your procedure. Depending upon the severity of your Bunion, and the recommendation of your OSS Health Foot and Ankle Surgeon, there are several approaches to this procedure.

  1. Soft Tissue Repair. Tissues around the toe are tightened or loosened to help perfectly align the joint. Soft tissue repair is typically performed along with a bony procedure, such as an osteotomy.
  2. Osteotomy. Small cuts shape bone and realign the joint. Screws and metal plates are used to hold the bone and joint in place. Osteotomies are often performed in conjunction with a soft tissue procedure similar to the one described above.
  3. Arthrodesis. Severe bunions and severe arthritis are treated by removing arthritic bone and then fixating healthy bone using screws and plates.
  4. Exostectomy. Usually performed as part of a larger procedure, an exostectomy is used to remove bony bumps over the joint.
  5. Resection Arthroplasty. A damaged joint is partially removed or resected.

After any of these procedures, the foot is placed in a boot, a splint or special shoes and walking crutches may be used for several weeks.