Foot & Ankle Arthritis

Foot & Ankle Pain Treatments

What is Foot or Ankle Arthritis?

The foot and ankle are comprised of dozens of bones and the ends of these bones are covered with a thin layer of cartilage that helps the bones glide smoothly when walking, standing and running. Arthritis causes inflammation within the joints as well as deterioration of the cartilage within the foot and ankle joint. As the cartilage deteriorates, the bones of the foot and ankle may begin to rub together. Foot or Ankle Arthritis can be the result of the aging process, repeated injuries to the foot or ankle as well as genetic factors.

If you have Foot or Ankle Arthritis you may experience the following symptoms:

Pain in the foot or ankle

Stiffness in the foot or ankle

Difficulty walking long distances

Difficulty bearing weight

Although arthritis is not something that can be cured, there are several treatment options that can slow the process and relieve pain. At OSS Health, our Board Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists have helped thousands of patients with Foot and Ankle Arthritis live active and healthy lives using the latest non-surgical options.

How is Foot or Ankle Arthritis Treated at OSS Health?

In most cases, Foot or Ankle Arthritis can be managed using non-surgical treatment options.

At OSS Health, these options may include:

  • Activity modification
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Assistive devices
  • Corticosteroid injections

In the instances where Foot or Ankle Arthritis has not responded to conservative treatments, your OSS Health Foot and Ankle Specialist may recommend a surgical procedure to alleviate pain.

These procedures may include:

Arthroscopic Debridement. Removal of damaged cartilage, tissue and bone spurs around the joint.

Arthrodesis. Removing damaged cartilage and fixating the bones permanently by implanting rods and screws.

Total Ankle Replacement. The damaged portions of the ankle joint are removed and replaced with metal and plastic components that mimic the function of a healthy ankle joint.