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Foot & Ankle Pain Treatment

The foot and ankle bear the weight of the entire body. Many people experience foot and ankle problems that can result in severe pain and limit the things they enjoy or even the ability to perform many of the daily tasks we take for granted such as walking, running and dancing. Some of the factors that contribute to the cause of pain include:

Poorly Fitting Shoes





Repetitive Use


Expertise and Experience

The Foot and Ankle team at OSS Health has experience in correcting and preventing foot and ankle injuries. Our team consists of an Orthopaedic Surgeon with specialized training in foot and ankle, Podiatrists (foot and ankle specialists) and a team of Physical Therapists. Following a thorough evaluation, your OSS Health Specialist can suggest such options as medications, steroid injections, specific exercises, shoe inserts, foot pads and walking casts. For foot and ankle problems not relieved by conservative treatment, surgery performed by one of our expert doctors is also an option. Our goal is to keep your feet and ankles free of pain to allow greater mobility and freedom to pursue the activities you enjoy. Let us help you get back to dancing!