Wrist Sprain

Hand & Wrist Treatments

What is a Wrist Sprain?

The wrist is held in place by several small bones and connected by several small ligaments. A sprain occurs when one or more of these ligaments is overstretched and usually occurs due to an impact or fall onto the outstretched hand.

Patients who sustain a Wrist Sprain may experience the following symptoms:



Pain and tenderness in the wrist

Difficulty grasping or holding objects

If you sustain a Wrist Sprain, it is important to contact one of the Board Certified Hand and Wrist Specialists at OSS Health to determine the severity of the sprain. Improper rest and continuing activity can cause the sprain to progress in severity.

How are Wrist Sprains Treated at OSS Health?

The severity of a Wrist Sprain can vary and therefore the treatment options will be based upon the severity. Wrist Sprains are usually categorized into 3 grades:

Grade 1 (Mild). Slight stretching or tearing of a ligament.

Grade 2 (Moderate). Partial tearing of the ligament.

Grade 3 (Severe). The complete tearing of the ligament.

Typical treatment options at OSS Health can include:

  • Immobilization (a splint or a brace)
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Physical Therapy

Surgery is generally not needed so long as the wrist ligament remains intact.