Meniscus Repair

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What is Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery?

The menisci are two C-shaped pieces of cartilage on either side of the knee that cushions the knee by evenly distributing weight while standing, walking, running, and jumping. When the meniscus is torn, it can cause pain within the knee as well as a feeling of “locking” of the knee. Meniscus repair or resection are arthroscopic procedures that treat a torn meniscus and relieve painful symptoms.

At OSS Health, our Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons have helped thousands of patients return to an active and healthy lifestyle after Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery.

How is Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery Performed at OSS Health?

Depending upon the location and severity of the Meniscus Tear, as well as your unique lifestyle, your OSS Health surgeon may recommend either a Meniscus Resection or Meniscus Repair.

Both procedures use an arthroscopic approach and are performed on an outpatient basis.

During an Arthroscopic Meniscus procedure the following steps are performed:

  1. Incision. 2-3 small incisions are made around the patella (knee cap).
  2. Joint exploration. An arthroscopic camera is placed through the incisions and guided into the joint.
  3. Meniscus identification. Once the meniscus is viewed, one of two procedures can be used:

Meniscus resection. The torn pieces of the meniscus are trimmed and the remaining meniscus is smoothed so that it no longer causes painful symptoms.

Meniscus repair. In some instances, the meniscus can be reconstructed using small sutures. Once the meniscus is repaired, small anchors are used to reattach it to its intended position within the knee.

The knee is placed in a comfortable knee immobilizer after the procedure and you are usually able to return to work a few days after their procedure. Total recovery time depends on the severity of the tear, but many patients return to normal activities 8-12 weeks after the procedure.