AC Joint Reconstruction

Shoulder Pain Treatments

What is an AC Joint Repair or Reconstruction?

An AC Joint Repair/Reconstruction is a surgical procedure that is used to fix a separated AC joint. The goal of this procedure is to repair or reconstruct the torn AC joint ligaments using sutures, anchors, pins, plates or screws to create strength and stability in joint. Once the ligaments are repaired or reconstructed, the joint can move freely and easily without pain and other symptoms.

An AC joint Repair/Reconstruction is performed as an open incision procedure but, at OSS Health, modern surgical techniques allow AC Joint Repairs/Reconstructions to be performed more efficiently than they have been in the past. This helps patients recover and experience symptom relief quicker.

How is an AC Joint Repair/Reconstruction Performed at OSS Health?

In most cases, AC Joint Repair/Reconstruction is performed as an outpatient procedure by the Board Certified Shoulder Specialists at OSS Health.

During an AC Joint Repair/Reconstruction procedure the following steps are performed:

  1. Incision. One or more incisions are made.
  2. Ligament Repair/Reconstruction. With a repair, the torn ligament ends are sutured together and attached to the bone. With a reconstruction, cadaver ligaments or ligaments harvested from another part of the body and are used to reconstruct the joint.

Incisions are carefully closed and covered with dressings and the patient is placed in a comfortable sling.

Total procedure time is usually 1-2 hours and most patients are able to return home the same day as their procedure. Physical Therapy is an important part of recovery as it helps improve shoulder strength and range of motion.

The Board Certified Shoulder Specialists at OSS Health have performed thousands of AC Joint Repairs/Reconstructions and are experts in the procedure.