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Bundled Pricing

Bundled Pricing

OSS Hospital also offers bundled pricing for a select number of surgical procedures, specialty provider office visits, and non-surgical services.  Bundled pricing may offer savings opportunities over our standard self-pay pricing for persons who have healthcare provided by a self-insured entity, persons with high-deductible health plans, persons participating in shared-ministries, and persons who are uninsured.  These prices are non-negotiable and are available to those who can pay the entire amount in advance.  We can offer these prices due to the lack of administrative expenses related to obtaining pre-service approvals with insurance carriers, filing insurance claims, and delayed or denied insurance payments.  Please note:  if you are filing an insurance claim for any of the listed services, these bundled prices do not apply to you. * View our disclaimer regarding self-pay bundled pricing.

Office & Therapy Visits

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