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Skin Clinic

What is the Skin Clinic?

We are pleased to offer skin care through our skin clinic with Dr. Abbie Kelley. Below is a list of common skin conditions we are able to diagnose and treat:

  1. Bacterial Diseases - impetigo, boils, abscesses, pink eye
  2. Viral Diseases - herpes, fever blister/cold sores, molluscum contagiosum
  3. Fungal Diseases - - ringworm
  4. Parasitic Diseases - scabies, head lice
  5. Auricular Hematomas - cauliflower ear (In order to treat this condition adequately, the athlete must receive treatment within 24-48 hours after injury or onset of swelling.)

How to schedule your appointment:

If you are an athlete participating in a school sponsored sport or club sport and you are in need of an evaluation, please call to schedule an appointment at 717-848-4800 ext. 6123. You may also schedule through your athletic trainer. We try our best to accommodate same day or next day appointments.

Meet The Doctor

Abbie Kelley, DO