Richard Kurz

Richard Kurz MD

Primary Care | Hospitalist

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    Meet Dr. Richard Kurz

    Richard Kurz, MD joined OSS Health Primary Care and is seeing patients at our Powder Mill office in York. He is currently the Medical Director for OSS Health at Home and he provides medical coverage for the OSS Orthopaedic Hospital.

    Dr. Kurz has been practicing medicine since 1985 diagnosing and treating diseases in adults and children. He has experience in office medicine, hospital medicine, nursing home and home care medicine.

    In his leisure time, Dr. Kurz enjoys history, golf, yardwork and biking.

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    Provider Background

    Medical School
    • Temple University School of Medicine
    • York Hospital, York, PA
    • York Hospital, York, PA
    • PA Medical Society

    Fully Accredited Professionals

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